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What I See in the Mirror

What I See in the Mirror

Everyone has something about themselves that they don’t like. Some people don’t like their bodies, wishing that they could lose weight or have more vuluptous curves/muscular build. Some wish they had a smaller nose or a different color of hair. Some wish they were taller or shorter, prettier, popular…etc. While I could stand to lose […]

Perchance to Dream

About two years ago I went through a rough period of insomnia that lasted about a year. I’m over it now but at the time it was pretty tough. On a good night I would get five hours. Many nights I would get no sleep at all, sitting up reading or playing games on my […]

Getting Back to Normal

Maybe you noticed (or maybe not) that I didn’t post on here last weekend. Becky Minor was kind enough to post a day early, in my usual Saturday spot, and we left Sunday alone since it was Mother’s Day anyway. That, however, was not decided until I let my fellow authors here at NAF know […]

The Value of One Life

As I searched my heart and the net, trying to think of what I would blog about this week, I came across a news story. In the story it talks about a family that has moved to the US to save their child. They know he will die, but the thought of allowing him to […]

What makes you happy?

You’ve all heard it said that money and prosperity does not make a person happy. But have you ever lived that saying? Have you ever experienced the application? My wife and I both agree that we are happier now than we’ve ever been. Do we have money. HA! Fame? Expensive things? Not a chance. We […]

The Art of Growing Up

I have a confession to make. By no means a big one, but a confession no less. I never planned to grow up. Like, ever. Adulthood was this large, distant concept that I both admired, tried to emulate to a certain degree, but ultimately ignored in the hope that it would go away. I was […]


This week I have really considered the value of life and death for a Christian. What brought me to this pondering was the news of an entire family passing away. They were young and their children were still babies. In the blink of an eye life on earth was gone for them. It was a […]

First Blood

I love a good swordfight. I love the tension, the action, the question of survival. In fantasy, my characters get in lots of violent messes. Lots of enemies injured, sometimes my heroes are injured. On occasion someone dies. It happens, it’s only realistic. Usually when it’s the enemy, one of my heroes “pulled the trigger”. […]