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When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.”
― C.S. Lewis, Letters of C. S. Lewis

Propaganda and Double Standards: It’s the Liberal Way

Propaganda and Double Standards: It’s the Liberal Way

I recently saw this image posted by a friend on Facebook. The person who posted it commented, “Good to know.” They just bought into this narrative that a group that is genuinely doing good is somehow “bad” because they stick with their religious convictions. Make no mistake: The Salvation Army IS a charity. They are […]

Renegade Project 10: Scandals and Liars

“On second thought, Gallino,” you say, “perhaps I will attend you to the caravan and accept that offer of help.” The Caravan master nods and leads the way down the hall, away from the woman. You feel her watching you. After you have left her line of sight and are well beyond hearing, you ask, […]

Renegade Project 6: Meet the Family

Some information is too dangerous to learn by accident and with the chaotic issues of Galen’s household, you decide you might as well find out as much as possible from the start. That includes his family members. He was apparently a widower of some years leaving only the three children. The oldest, Gallino, wasn’t hard […]


Every time I turn on the news, I expect a lie. That is where we are in society. We know we are being lied to but somehow it is acceptable.  Actually, it infuriates me. Why? Because a lie is a coward’s cheap shot. A coward hides behind his/her lie while knocking the heck out of […]