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Don’t Take God For Granted

Don’t Take God For Granted

I’ve talked to God a lot in the past year about all kinds of stuff. Weather, illness, old job, new job, book publishing, family matters – you name it, me and The Big Guy have talked about it. I’ve scoured the Bible looking for answers, I’ve listened to sermons and Christian music, I’ve attended Bible […]

The Hate Pit

There is an event I’ll be attending in a few weeks. A convention I’ve been to twice now. The Necronomicon. From the name you can see it’s one of “those” conventions. The kind of place you’ll find people playing “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” and singing along to Dr. Horrible. The kind of place where […]

Impulse Control

I keep forgetting that it’s Thursday. Greetings, all! I heard on the news yesterday that Charlie Sheen thinks Lindsay Lohan needs to work on her impulse control.  Of course, anyone who knows anything about celebrities in general, and those two in particular, knows this is a slight case of the pot calling the the kettle […]