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Sacrifice On the Altar of Ego

Sacrifice On the Altar of Ego

This is an update of a post from May 2016 and is the counterpoint to my blog post from last week, “Don’t Let Your Girls Grow Up to Be Moms“. I love Carolyn Arend’s “Altar of Ego”. It’s a song whose lyrics I need to think about often. Last week’s post was about the emphasis placed […]

Sticks and Stones and Amazing Grace

I hate the hymn “Amazing Grace”. This is a post I’ve been dying to write mostly because of that iconoclastic line. But it isn’t meant to be a gratuitous use of shock value. It goes to something much deeper. It’s not the song but one word in the first verse, “wretch”. It’s an ugly word in […]

Getting Back to Normal

Maybe you noticed (or maybe not) that I didn’t post on here last weekend. Becky Minor was kind enough to post a day early, in my usual Saturday spot, and we left Sunday alone since it was Mother’s Day anyway. That, however, was not decided until I let my fellow authors here at NAF know […]