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A New School Year

So, this past week has been pretty crazy around here as we were preparing for the new school year, which starts today. If you didn’t know, we homeschool our 3 kids. I have 2 girls, who are going into 3rd grade, and a pre-k boy. On a whim last Sunday, I decided we needed to […]

A Teachable Spirit

A Teachable Spirit

Today my daughters and I head back to school–homeschool that is. We have been anxiously awaiting this day as we all enjoy this time together. Our original start date was pushed back by the move (we school year around, taking the month of June off and starting the new year in July), and then pushed […]

School Daze

This week marks a dramatic change in my family, the beginning of something I never thought I’d do. I am sending my kids to school. That may sound strange—don’t all kids go to school?—but I’m a pretty firm advocate of homeschooling, so this is a big deal. I was homeschooled throughout my entire education, as were my […]

Confessions of a So-called Right-Wing Extremist

Sure, when given the choice of political parties, I’ll mark “Republican”, but it’s about as definitive to me as when they ask my race and give me the choice of “Hispanic, Pacific Islander, African American, 13 Native American tribes, Caucasian/white and other” to choose from. Apparently the only ones worth closer quantification are the “minorities”. […]