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Human School

A few weeks ago, I watched My Lamb in a play. She’s an excellent actress. I believed she got the tar beat out of her by her senior high boyfriend. Oh, did I not mention the subject matter? Teen dating violence. Not the most comfortable way to spend 45 minutes of my life, btw, watching […]

My ink and paper daughter

It must have been fifth grade when I began my writing journey. I was really into this NES game called Dragon Warrior. It was your standard medieval fantasy with blobs, wyverns, and other assorted monsters that need to be fought on a -Fight- -Run- -Spell- -Item- turn based system in stunning 8 bit graphics. Standard […]

A past that will not stay in the past

I suppose it was inevitable.  God has a way of making you face things you don’t want to face, so that he can complete you.  I’m not sure how I’m going to overcome this, but at least I’m willing to try now and I recognize the problem. Let me explain.  No, there is too much.  […]