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The Hate Pit

There is an event I’ll be attending in a few weeks. A convention I’ve been to twice now. The Necronomicon. From the name you can see it’s one of “those” conventions. The kind of place you’ll find people playing “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” and singing along to Dr. Horrible. The kind of place where […]


I have found through my journey as a Christian, there are a few things that must be adhered to or you will constantly be a slave to sin and death. I’ve talked about love frequently but forgiveness is just as important. They are tandem in fact. In my book I Am Ocilla, it is the […]

Love Thy Enemy

Humanity’s reaction to aggression is usually aggression. Think about it. Someone calls you a name, you want to call them one right back. Not any old name though. It needs to be more vile and horrible so you can show your superiority. Someone takes from you, you want to take right back. Same scenario applies […]