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Special Guest Blog – Jill Williamson

Introduction by Keven Newsome We are pleased to have Christy Award winning author Jill Williamson back with us again. Jill is the author of the Blood of Kings series published by Marcher Lord Press. I held my breath when I asked her back, fearing she wouldn’t have forgiven the one less than stellar review published […]

Special Guest: Alton Gansky

Introduction by Keven Newsome I remember the first book I read by Alton Gansky.  It was A Ship Possessed.  I was still fairly new to the Christian Fiction scene.  Spec fic was even more scarce then.  Peretti was hot, and I devoured those books.  Left Behind was hot, and I was reading on them because […]

Special Guest – Chila Woychik

Introduction by Keven Newsome We are honored this month to have author, publisher, and editor Chila Woychik (C. Maggie Woychik). Not only is Chila a published author, she is also the managing editor and co-owner of Port Yonder Press.  This small indy-publisher is growing exponentially and only accepts the most excellent works submitted.  Their attention […]

Special Guest – Kerry Nietz

Introduction by Keven Newsome As we continue our new guest blogger series, I’m pleased to present Marcher Lord Press author Kerry Nietz.  Kerry is a friend of NAF, and can be seen lurking in the comment sections. Diane Graham has spent a good deal of time with Kerry already, reviewing his debut novel A Star […]

Special Guest – Tosca Lee

Introduction by Keven Newsome We’re starting today a new series here at NAF, featuring published authors giving us a glimpse about their publication journey.  That’s what we’re about anyway… chronicling our life and journey on the road to publication.  So what did that look like for others?  What was their journey? This series will bring […]