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Chillin’ with Logan’s Run

Chillin’ with Logan’s Run

Monday night I sat among three people who’ve never seen Logan’s Run. By the midpoint, they looked a bit like my Sweetie there. Fortunately, no one looked like Skuttle. It blew my mind a bit. I watched that movie almost as soon as it came out and many, many times afterwards. I watched the TV […]



Have you heard of the four personality types: choleric, sanguine, melancholy and phlegmatic? No? Perhaps you’ve heard of Gary Smalley’s revisioning of the four personality types: Lion, Otter, Beaver and Golden Retriever, which are way more fun to pull out at awkward social occasions. I do so enjoy diagnosing people as animals. The Lion is […]

Here We Come, Like it or Not

This week I was browsing along the net when I came across a link to Sarah Sawyer’s blog. The post was about the strong impact small presses are having on the Christian fiction industry. You can view it right here. I agree wholeheartedly, although some may think I’m biased. Well, aren’t we all? I shared […]

Crazy-Hair Flies

Each day millions of people dream. Thousands more dream of writing. Less than that become obsessed with the dream and begin to write. Even less still finish the book. A fraction of a fraction sign a contract and a fraction of a fraction of that are successful. One must keep the proper prospective or risk […]


Monday dawned a new month and an exciting accomplishment for many of us here at NAF. Splashdown Books released it’s first ever anthology titled Aquasynthesis.  Paul, Kat and Keven each have three stories between the pages. And Robynn and I were allowed to try out our assistant editing skills. The beautiful cover was designed by […]

Splashdown + NAF = Cheesecake

A special note from Grace Bridges(aka Kiwi astronaut) . You may have noticed a trend among NAF authors to end up with Splashdown Books as their publisher. Perhaps you thought it was slightly odd. As indeed it could seem—one could very easily get to thinking it was an inside job, and wondering how much cheesecake […]

Little Book of Magic

“It is my little book of magic,” the girl said to the man who sat on the other side of the wide, wooden desk. “I have put my heart and soul in it. I want to share it.” The man pulled his glasses off and rubbed his nose. “No one wants a little book of […]

Moving forward…

It amazes how much life imitates art. It seems that the story of Winter coming to publication matches quite well with the personal story within the book. This book has always been an outcast, just like Winter is an outcast. Nobody has really understood it. There are readers who have loved it, but there have […]