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Do Not Pass “Go”

Do Not Pass “Go”

I worked in retail for several years about 20 years ago. The one common thing I was taught at all my jobs (crappy as they were) was, “The customer is always right.” Not sometimes. Not only if every letter of the return policy is followed. Not only if they err on the side of the […]

Covert Ops & Kids

Not too many things motivate creativity like the fear of getting caught. We bought a Playstation for our kids this Christmas. My Husband even braved Black Friday at Wal-mart alone to snag one of those snazzy bundle deals. While he stood in line, three people back from the estimated run-out point, I was home poised […]

Renegade Project 12: Hunches or Grudges?

“Someone informed me that you may have heard word of an attack planned against the caravan,” you say to the two siblings. Selyna’s face goes pale and she glances at Natin who tenses for a moment, then scowls.“Whoever it was either lied or was misinformed.” You eye Natin. “You, young lord, are a horrible liar.” […]

My first video blog

Hi, here’s my first video blog. Sorry for the way the natural lighting dims near the end, and when the artificial lighting just goes out on me for a second there.