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Renegade Project #21: For Love

Selyna’s maid, Grislla is easily located with a few well-placed questions. You find her cleaning up in her lady’s chamber, eyes damp with tears. The inner door has been broken free of one hinge and hangs open. You knock on it as you. Grislla glances up then quickly rubs her eyes with the heel of […]

Renegade Project #20: Telling All

“Sylena told me before of bodies found in the woods – where no one could figure out how they died.” Natin runs a hand through his hair. “So she told you that too?” “They died from suffocation.” “What?” “A certain mix of herbs, in powder form. It blocks air from the lungs.” Natin’s eyes widen. […]

Renegade Project #19: The Upper Hand

You pull back the blade and wrap it in the cloth. “It is probably best for me to hold onto this until then. Afterall, as you saw, it’s a bit reactive to even casual touch. I’m far more expendable than you and it’s my job to keep you safe as well.” Before Galen can reply, […]

Renegade Project 18: Traitors

You ride through the night. Just after dawn you near the estate and consider stopping at a local apothecary shop to refresh your supply of herbs, but decide to wait. You still have enough in your personal belongings back at the estate – well, enough to make another small batch of the tincture remedy. Since […]

Renegade Project 17: To Save a Life

You crouch low in the bushes, watching to see what will happen with the girl. “What was in the ale, wench?” Gallino asks. “A…A tonic – sleeping tonic. That’s all.” “What kind? What are the herbs?” She shakes her head. “I don’t know.” “Then who does? Who made it?” “I don’t know!” “Where’d you get […]

Renegade Project 15: Deadly Cargo

While the men welcome the party of harlots, you slip away to the wagon at the back of the camp. At least for the moment, it stands unguarded. You climb up and open one of the top wooden boxes. Empty. Maybe Galen does order them to bring the crates back for reuse. You use your […]

Renegade Project 14: Campfire Mischief

With your full attention on assigning guard duties, rotations and patrols with the handful of men from the barracks and setting Malor over them, the night goes smoothly. You are even able to get some decent rest. Moments before dawn you ride out from the estate on your own familiar horse, your saddle pack thick […]

Renegade Project 13: Report and Schemes

Thankfully, the rest of your nap passes without any further interruptions. When you knock on Galen’s door just before lunch time you are calm, ready and confident, albeit still a little unsure of exactly how much and what to reveal. Your plan is to start with the urgent issues that need action and reveal more […]