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My House, My Beliefs

This article was shared with my homeschool group this morning: The Third Wave of Homeschool Persecution Essentially, the author is saying that we homeschoolers have already been accused of poor education practices and poor socialization of our children. Both of those have been refuted, over and over, and pretty well proven wrong. Homeschoolers are scoring […]

Review ~ A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz

The world of Christian publishing has been knocked for a loop by a few indie publishers. At the front of the line and leading the charge is Jeff Gerke with Marcher Lord Press. Nearly every book his company has released has been at least nominated for some major awards. I am honored this week to […]

A Study in Tyranny

Last Tuesday I was a tyrant. I was pitiless, mean, rude, demanding and I didn’t once say please. I even tied my kids to a chair when they didn’t do the work I ordered them to do. Ah, the delights of Homeschool! No, seriously, it was merely playacting, and even so it only lasted for […]


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt9YQnJn07A I was going to write about joy this week but the last few days have shot that idea right out the window. This week children, we will be talking about freedom and how as Christians and humans it is what God wants for us. It is what we were all born to be and […]