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Monday dawned a new month and an exciting accomplishment for many of us here at NAF. Splashdown Books released it’s first ever anthology titled Aquasynthesis.  Paul, Kat and Keven each have three stories between the pages. And Robynn and I were allowed to try out our assistant editing skills. The beautiful cover was designed by […]

Anvil Interview- Frank Creed and Calamity Kid

Welcome back today, my friends. As you can see, Frank has brought a java peace offering. The man does his homework. Obviously, I can’t chunk anvils if I am drinking coffee. Well played, Frank, well played.

Anvil Review-Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges

As I said yesterday, I will give you my review of Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges. But before I do that, let me run through the rules for entry once more. As always, there will be a drawing. But there will be only one winner. I love Splashdown Books so much that I have decided […]

A Little More Grace

If you know anything about Christian Speculative Fiction, you will have heard the name Grace Bridges and Splashdown Books. As a matter of fact, I may have mentioned them a time or ten. Through the last year I have come not only familiar, but quite fond of both. Why? Because Grace is extraordinary. The pictures […]

Anvil Interview – Fred Warren

Welcome back today, my lovelies. As promised, I have one Fred Warren with us. There is an anvil dangling over his head. It was a gift from my dear friend Grace Bridges. She wanted to make sure Fred had a proper Anvil Interview. Genuine New Zealand Anvil from the Museum of Transport and Technology… Fred […]

Anvil Review – The Muse by Fred Warren

Yes, I know it has only been two weeks since my last Anvil Review and yes, I know it is Thanksgiving. This is worth it though. I had the privilege to read the truly excellent The Muse by Fred Warren. Fred was brave enough to come under the anvil of one CrazyHair-Vaulter. As always, there […]