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Introducing William Ramirez

Introducing William Ramirez

With our own dear turtle graduating to the granny flat, we get to welcome a new featured author into the NAF fold. So I get the pleasure of introducing you to my buddy, William Ramirez. Will is probably sick of me by now, because I keep turning up when he least expects it. We’re both […]

Up, Up…but Not Away

Today is August 30th. Which means that next Tuesday—my regularly scheduled “Featured Author” day here at NAF—is September 6th. In case you didn’t know, September 6th falls after September 1st. And September 1st is the day my novel, Finding Angel, officially releases. Which means… I won’t be posting in my regularly scheduled “Featured Author” spot […]

Welcome our newest Featured Author!

This year promises to be an exciting one. As we grow as a blog and as individual authors, our readership also grows. That doesn’t hurt when it comes time to recruiting. Here at NAF we are beginning to develop one of the most talented pools of unpublished authors anywhere. And our new Featured Author is no […]

Welcome a Chicky named Kat

I have the great honor of introducing my friend, fellow writer and all around great gal, Kat Heckenbach as our newest Featured Author here at NAF. Kat is well known in the Christian Speculative Fiction circles for her charm, art and short stories. Don’t let that sweet face fool you. This Chicky can write some […]