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A wasted youth, Asteroids, and why I don’t play Farmville

I wouldn’t say I wasted my entire youth, just some of it. To be truthful I was pretty busy most of the time, so don’t feel too guilty. There were times, however, when I struggled to find things to do. We had no Internet, no cable TV, no DVDs, no personal computers or cell phones. […]

The Silliness of Word Count

or Why I’m Deeply Regretting Getting Embroiled in This Whole Business. I’m not yet, actually. I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable crash and burn. I’m not quite sure how flammable turtles are, but given enough internal friction, I suspect I could manage spontaneous combustion. Counting. Counting and I are not friends. Never have been. […]

Caprice Hokstad, the interview

A woman with long, curly hair fading from bright orange to softer orange pauses at the threshhold of an office of stark white.  A polished white desk takes up most of the space, but two chairs and a couch of cobalt blue leather jostle for space to one side. Rorschach inkblots in black enamel frames […]


Elder Brother warned last week’s post verged on whiny-butt. I can always count on him to keep me from wallowing too long in self-pity. When I post about the wallowing, anyway. I continue my journey of self-betterment with Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This was a textbook for my college leadership […]

New Author Series: Star of Justice

I’ve really enjoyed doing these featurettes on unpublished authors, if for nothing else but to really get to know the vast array of personalities found in the literary arts.  Most are quirky and eccentric to a point.  Some are shy and some are confident.  I have been following Robynn Tolbert’s blog for a little while, […]