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A Good Excuse & Other Vital Accessories

So a week ago I was supposed to post the next installment of the Renegade Project. Instead, my computer went on the fritz and I posted a cool picture of a guy with wings and a sword. Today, despite my good intentions, I am again unprepared. So bring on more fluff, right? Well, if I […]

Yep, That’s My Excuse

Seriously? It’s time for me to blog again? Oh, um, actually, it was time yesterday, but I put it off. I had a good excuse, mind you. My sister in law’s car broke down on Monday so I couldn’t write my blog post for yesterday morning. What? That’s a good excuse. I had to go […]

Top 10 Excuses For Not Blogging

The end of a school year is always crazy for everyone. We’re all parents here. (Robynn has cats.) And in my case, also a student. (And Becky’s a teacher.) So when May roles around, insanity ensues. Over the past few weeks you may have noticed empty days where a blog would normally appear. We try […]

Feeling Like a Faker

I’ve read innumerable blog posts about writing that say you must write in order to be called a writer. That sitting around talking about writing, intending to write, planning to write, submerging yourself in the world of writing…but not actually pumping out some prose…is not writing. And I believe this. Yet, there are times when […]