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Short Story Review: Drawn from the Water by Marian Jacobs

Short Story Review: Drawn from the Water by Marian Jacobs

I enjoy a good Bible story retelling and Marian A. Jacobs’s Drawn from the Water did not disappoint. It’s solidly written and was both familiar and fresh. What I enjoyed was the similarity in setting. While the story is obviously science fiction with a land with multiple suns, advanced communication, and a world not our […]

A Year of Being Published

a short-term retrospective  This past week marked the one-year anniversary of my novella, A Greater Strength, being available as an ebook. Reaching this anniversary of being a published author has given me the opportunity to examine my own performance, my books, and the market, and formulate some opinions. Whether these opinions are astute or short-sighted, […]

Of Easter and Ebooks

  Before I begin, I want to take a moment to reflect on the fact this post finds you on what should be the biggest day of the year, by Christian standards. I’m humbled to be the person whose post graces this page on the Sunday of Sundays—Easter. (Or Resurrection Sunday, depending on where you […]

Payback … sweet!

Ah, the delight of the free market. Okay, I admit that I get behind on cutting-edge gadgets. I’m content with my simple little cell phone and although the day will probably come, I am not yet browsing for other hand-held devices. However I am thrilled by the release of the iPad with the new iBook […]