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Speed of Light

Speed of Light

Now that I’m between edits I’m feeling a little bit lost. I like the exhilaration and anticipation that comes with finishing a manuscript. The story I set out to write so long ago is finally down and now I can put it aside for a while before tackling the next batch of edits. So what […]

This World is Not Mine To Save

Humanity tends to get a little big for their own britches. We…yes, I am part of humanity…forget our place often. And every once in a while we must be put back in it. Call this a humbling of arrogance or the proverbial smackdown. What has got me using this strong language?  Well, many things but […]

Abduction By a Purple Cat Toy

All I need to know about alien invasion I learned from a cat toy. If little green –or purple- men do get overly ambitious and attack, they will come for our animals in order to populate their own world. It will last no more than one week. Fortunately, all intelligent animals will flee for the […]