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Why I Hate Self-Portraits

Honestly, I think a lot of artists struggle with the process of it. And yet so many people want us to do it. Maybe it’s the “you’re your own worst critic” thing, because you know how picky a regular model can get. Or maybe it’s our glasses – heavily colored by our own mental self-image […]

My ink and paper daughter

It must have been fifth grade when I began my writing journey. I was really into this NES game called Dragon Warrior. It was your standard medieval fantasy with blobs, wyverns, and other assorted monsters that need to be fought on a -Fight- -Run- -Spell- -Item- turn based system in stunning 8 bit graphics. Standard […]

Mixing Art and Writing

I’ve always loved to draw. In 7th grade I only got one elective and I had to choose between continuing playing clarinet in the school band, or finally seize the chance to take a drawing class. Looking back I think that my Mother favored band – that was what she did as a teenager. However […]