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The story behind Among Dragons

The story behind Among Dragons

If you haven’t heard already, my novel Among Dragons will be serialized exclusively in Digital Dragon Magazine beginning January 2012. I’m very excited to share this novel with everyone, because it’s been a long time coming. Today I wanted to tell you a little about the story behind the story. This fantasy novel was the […]

Divine Summons and a New Appointment

Part 1 Divine Summons It seems surreal that in the first year of NAF we had one member find a publisher and in the second year we had three. But three we have. And we’re poised to have at least two more next year, with three of the currently Alumni seeing a second work in […]

Perrier and Dragons

The past couple of weeks have been the busiest yet for me this summer, mostly because I had the opportunity to cross off an item from my Bucket List.  “What would that be?” you ask.  Why, to be in next summer’s blockbuster super hero movie!  That’s right!  Yours truly can be seen in the upcoming […]

My Girlfriend

My short story “My Girlfriend” is now available on Digital Dragon. I hope you’ll drop by and take a look and tell me what you think. It’s not my usual style but I had great fun writing it. http://www.digitaldragonmagazine.net/baines-mygirlfriend.php