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When Life and Deadlines Strike

When Life and Deadlines Strike

I enjoy writing. I really do. There’s just something about getting the stories of those characters in your head out on paper and sharing it with people. But sometimes, life strikes. And even worse, deadlines. A couple months ago I got a full time job as a laborer and now work about 50 hours a […]

The Agony and Joy of Writing Professionally

The Agony and Joy of Writing Professionally

Robynn’s post “Not My Dream” yesterday really made me think about my approach to writing as no longer one of a hobbyist. I am a little different. I don’t think I would write if it were just a hobby; in fact, when it was, I didn’t. It would be much easier to dabble in a […]

A Good Excuse & Other Vital Accessories

So a week ago I was supposed to post the next installment of the Renegade Project. Instead, my computer went on the fritz and I posted a cool picture of a guy with wings and a sword. Today, despite my good intentions, I am again unprepared. So bring on more fluff, right? Well, if I […]

Why I Hate Self-Portraits

Honestly, I think a lot of artists struggle with the process of it. And yet so many people want us to do it. Maybe it’s the “you’re your own worst critic” thing, because you know how picky a regular model can get. Or maybe it’s our glasses – heavily colored by our own mental self-image […]


Some are born behind – like my Husband. As the last of nine kids with twenty-five plus years from the oldest and him eight years younger than the former baby of the family, he has spent much of his life just trying to catch up. He started looking for his wife in Kindergarten. By the […]

Jury Duty & Trial by Fire

Dawn symbolizes so many different things for different people. Hope, beginning anew or the promise of a new adventure. Yet for all its splendor, it can be such a miserable sight for a night owl. Especially when you’re in the middle of a two-hour bus ride to report for jury duty. I understand a little […]