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Remember When

Remember When

The best way to celebrate and honor a life is to share the remember-whens. They are the only real thing we have when someone moves on. Isn’t it funny how our senses trigger these memories? To this day, each time I smell worm-dirt I am yanked back in time to a place that was simpler. […]

Dreams And A Little About My Dad

No dream was ever made real without an awakening. Two years ago I had that awakening. It was loud. It was clear. Without a shadow of a  doubt in my mind, God has called me to be many things, among them-a writer. We all have dreams. We dream of this or that. We dream of […]

Traffic Tips – or – Going backwards while thinking you’re going forwards – or – Pick a lane already!!

(Sort of in an Andy Rooney mood for this one) My dad has driven all over this country in one way or another for just about his entire life. As such, he’s seen traffic in just about every state and observed quirks that are true for some states and not true for others. But no […]

Who are you doing this for?

When we go about to write a novel we have a lot of questions that we need to ask ourselves. We should know what we want to write about, what situations will occur in the story and where we want the story to be set. All of these are essential for good story telling. We […]

Father’s Day, chick-flicks, and appreciating the simple things

Last Sunday was Father’s Day (or Fathers’ Day as I believe it was spelled on the original petition by Sonora Dodd, with the apostrophe used in the plural form) and dads everywhere got to feel a little bit spoiled or, in my case, a little bit more spoiled that usual. I opened my cards and […]