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The Benefit of Contests

The Benefit of Contests

I judge writing contests on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes for smaller, informal contests, like for a classroom, sometimes larger contests for a conference, and, obviously, the annual Havok contest. First of all, kudos to all of you who have ever entered a contest! It is a huge thing to put your work out there […]

The Judge

The Judge

I’ve been asked to accept the enormous honor of judging the Realm  Maker’s Flash Fiction Contest. The winner will receive free registration to this year’s Realm Makers conference. (For more details, click here. You still have a couple days to get your story in, if you’d like!) Working with Splickety and Havok, I’ve also had […]

Too Much Feedback

We’ve all heard the adage about what happens when you put too many cooks around a single pot of soup. I was reminded of this recently when we finally got around to renting Disney’s retelling of Rapunzel in their 2010 film, Tangled. Now, I should warn you: the story of Rapunzel has been near to […]

Whose Words?

My last post dealt with editing and the importance of knowing “which” words to delete or change when I was first trying to improve my manuscript for Finding Angel. Vague comments like, “It’s kind of wordy,” just didn’t help much. Specific suggestions are the key to a good critique. But suggestions need to be more […]

Which Words?

“It’s kind of wordy.” That’s what the first several beta-readers of Finding Angel said. My reply was always, “What makes it wordy?” But because my first readers weren’t writers they couldn’t quite put their fingers on it. It was highly frustrating, to say the least. I wanted Finding Angel to be good. Really good. I didn’t […]

A Thumbscrew Review: By Darkness Hid, by Jill Williamson

This review has been delayed, because I earnestly anguished over its writing.  Much prayer and council has gone into this review, and I regret to say it may not be the glowing review that might be expected.  I really wanted to like this book, it being my first review for Marcher Lord Press.  I had […]