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Modesty – It Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

This post isn’t writing related but every once in a while we tackle controversial topics, so here I go. If you’re one of my Facebook friends, you already know this. I rail against the modesty movement. Mostly because of the whole one-piece suits only rule common in youth groups, something I hated as a teen […]


Some time ago (a year? two? oy, the memory fades when you hit forty) a friend of mine made a comment to me that—despite my age—I will never forget. She told me I didn’t “posture” myself like a writer. It hit me a like a sledgehammer (or maybe an anvil) and I’ve contemplated that statement […]

A hot mess…

That’s my wife’s new catch phrase it seems. I first noticed her using it a lot the other day, when we watched the Blind Boys of Alabama sing with the Oakridge Boys on Fox News. She said it sounded like, “A hot mess church choir.” She’s used the phrase of herself a couple times, to […]

Cars, brick walls, and learning to drive.

I was fifteen years old when I first sat behind the wheel of a car with the intention of driving it. My mum suggested I park her prized VW Golf in the garage. I’m not sure how the subject came up. I don’t remember asking her or even discussing driving. Maybe she figured I was […]

So it finally happened…

There’s an expression in Britain (and Australia too, I believe): “backward in coming forward”. It is used to describe someone who lacks confidence or who is shy. I think that if there is any idiom in the English language to describe my personality, it is that one — although I would add the word “painfully” […]