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Narrowed or Broadened?

Narrowed or Broadened?

“Travel broadens the mind.” It’s a quote that has entered our world more or less as a truism. But is it? Theologian Malcolm Muggeridge has a quote stating the opposite, “travel, of course, narrows the mind.” When looking up these quotes, I came across articles and message boards espousing both. My experience. Both are true. […]

Books and Beverages

Books and Beverages

Last week there was a meme going around about dreaming of owning a bookstore. Honestly, this isn’t really a dream of mine. Or at least something I’d get excited about doing unless I could make it something really unique. Then I had an idea, books and beverages. Pretty much all of my writing friends are either […]

Happy Little Feet

As I sit at my keys, readying my mind to unload, I admit that lately I haven’t had happy little feet. In fact, for the past year, I’ve neglected the beauty of my feet in favor of prioritizing my dreams to be a successful author. In the context of this post, “feet” refer to the […]

What to write when you don’t know what to write.

This morning I realized that I hadn’t prepared a blog entry for today. Then I slept some more. Now it’s the afternoon and I’m realizing that although I was wanting to put up an entry about my son’s birthday last week I still hadn’t transferred the pics from the camera to the computer for putting […]

Anvil Interview- Frank Creed and Calamity Kid

Welcome back today, my friends. As you can see, Frank has brought a java peace offering. The man does his homework. Obviously, I can’t chunk anvils if I am drinking coffee. Well played, Frank, well played.

Mixing things together (Part 1?)

Tonight I’m staying up to work on my novel. While I do that, I’ve decided to go ahead and eat some of what my wife has made for us and mix it together in a bowl. So there’s the beans she cooked earlier today, the – extremely good it turns out – mac and cheese she […]

10 Benefits of Sleep Deprivation

10.  You can speak your mind.  Well, you’re tired and you’re grumpy, right?  So you can say whatever you want, and just follow it up with, “Sorry, I’m tired.”   Sure you may get “the look,” but you’ll be forgiven.  Use this opportunity to say those little things you usually have the good sense not to […]