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Personification: When Eyes Have Hands

Personification: When Eyes Have Hands

Chalk it up as reason 9A of why you shouldn’t read poorly written fiction, or maybe reason 5B of why you should, but I’ve somehow picked up an awful habit of giving inanimate objects the ability to act, feel, and otherwise pick up human characteristics. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m one of the lucky few […]

Shuffling Priorities

What do you do when you have conflicting commitments? Hindsight would say, “Don’t schedule yourself in two places at once,” but sometimes events lead us into unforeseen circumstances. My conflicting commitments stretch across writing, reading, and podcasting. The commitment that has to be dropped right now is NaNoWriMo. I thought I could put things aside […]

The Writer’s Sail

I suppose it’s good to submit a story fully expecting the publisher to say, “Good job.” Last week I submitted flash fiction for Team PYP. I was sure that the lovely managing editor of Port Yonder Press, Chila Woychik, would be impressed – maybe even put my story in the top three for her contest. […]

Here We Come, Like it or Not

This week I was browsing along the net when I came across a link to Sarah Sawyer’s blog. The post was about the strong impact small presses are having on the Christian fiction industry. You can view it right here. I agree wholeheartedly, although some may think I’m biased. Well, aren’t we all? I shared […]

Year One at NAF

With this little post our blog began.   JANUARY 15, 2010 This is our official birthday, even though you’ll find a few posts dated prior to this.  That’s because when we started, several of us moved and back-dated posts from other locations. So we missed our anniversary last month.  But now I wanted to give you […]