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My ink and paper daughter

It must have been fifth grade when I began my writing journey. I was really into this NES game called Dragon Warrior. It was your standard medieval fantasy with blobs, wyverns, and other assorted monsters that need to be fought on a -Fight- -Run- -Spell- -Item- turn based system in stunning 8 bit graphics. Standard […]

Anvil Interview- Grace Bridges

The contest has been extended until the end of April. Welcome and thank you all for coming back for today’s Anvil Interview with the muti-talented, Grace Bridges. Some of you may not know this, but Grace actually gave me my anvil. Silly thing had no idea it would someday be used on her. She never […]

Obedience and Sacrifice

In my last post I discussed the tendency for some people to get upset at the merest suggestion of a Christian world-view within a novel that is not obviously Christian from looking at the title and/or cover. In my enthusiasm for stories that contain Christian content (it’s what I feel called to write) I fear […]

WIP Report for March 1st, 2011

Entertaining Modern Morons (A Rant)

Am I mean for using such a derogatory word? Maybe, but I feel it is time to address a few serious issues. First, let me tell you I have nothing against any person with a disability. They can’t help who they are. In a minute, I will give you two definitions of moron.  But let […]

Anvil Interview- Frank Creed and Calamity Kid

Welcome back today, my friends. As you can see, Frank has brought a java peace offering. The man does his homework. Obviously, I can’t chunk anvils if I am drinking coffee. Well played, Frank, well played.

Warning: May Contain Christian Content

It is just over five months since Alpha hit the virtual bookshelves of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other such emporia (yes, I had to look that up). During that period I must have checked for reviews on average about once every minute. Happily, and much to my surprise, the vast majority have been overwhelmingly […]

My hovercraft is full of eels

One of the pleasures of writing for me is that you get to mess around with words the way a painter plays with color or a musician tinkers with sounds. You take a dictionary, spill the contents all over the floor, and then choose the ones you want to use before assembling them on an […]