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Embracing the new dream…

Embracing the new dream…

Well, hello everyone! It’s certainly been a while. Keven here. Your friendly neighborhood NAF founder, with something I want to share with the amazing readers that have been following us through all of these years. The past few months have seen a change in my perspective on being a writer…something that’s been on the cusp […]

Thoughts from the Top of the Wrong Heap

Thoughts from the Top of the Wrong Heap

Okay, okay – there’s nothing particularly wrong with this heap. It’s just that I didn’t expect to still be here. I’m the last “Featured Author” left from the original crew that kicked off NAF back in early 2010. The rest have moved on to the Land of Perpetual Cheesecake or on to other projects. I […]

Perchance to Dream

About two years ago I went through a rough period of insomnia that lasted about a year. I’m over it now but at the time it was pretty tough. On a good night I would get five hours. Many nights I would get no sleep at all, sitting up reading or playing games on my […]

The Savage Sevenths

This month I was going to pen something about writing but, to be honest, I’m all inked-out when it comes to the subject. Currently I’m in my comfort zone, doing what I enjoy most, which is shameless, ears-pinned-back, plain old novel-scribbling. So what to blog about? How about something that couldn’t possibly have anything to […]

Splashdown + NAF = Cheesecake

A special note from Grace Bridges(aka Kiwi astronaut) . You may have noticed a trend among NAF authors to end up with Splashdown Books as their publisher. Perhaps you thought it was slightly odd. As indeed it could seem—one could very easily get to thinking it was an inside job, and wondering how much cheesecake […]

Behind the Words With Bill Myers

Today I’m happy to introduce Behind the Words. I know all of you are fond of the zany tomfoolery of past interviews, but sometimes I must be a big girl. Sometimes the story and the writer warrant a deeper understanding. And who better to start me off than a legend in Christian writing, Bill Myers. […]

Anvil Review- The God Hater by Bill Myers

Welcome, friends. It’s that time again. As always, there will be a drawing for two copies. All you must do to enter is leave a comment saying you want to enter. That is one entry, and that is all you need to win. But if you are the type that likes to stack the odds […]

Grass, Steroids, and Perseverence

I like gardening, or I think I do anyway. I should like gardening.  We rent a house in the middle of the Dutch countryside with much of that countryside residing within our property’s border. The rental agreement doesn’t say who is responsible for maintaining said countryside, but my landlord stated early on that he would […]