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A Reminder

A Reminder

Give me yourself and in exchange I will give you Myself. My will, shall become your will. My heart, shall become your heart.” C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Screwtape Sounds Off on “Christian Fiction”

By guest blogger John Wheeler (With apologies—up to a point—to C.S. Lewis) My dear Wormwood, It is always heartwarming to read your occasional reports on how that Human author, Lewis, posthumously transmits the disinformation about us which we so subtly put into his hands. Even more heartwarming—down to the very Pit of the Lowerarchy—is that […]


According to my three boys, power is scary. We happen to live in an area prone to thunderstorms in the summer, and I happen to love thunderstorms. Laying in bed and listening to the thunder rumble while the rain hammers down is one of my favorite sensory experiences of the season. We are fortunate that […]


Only two authors have ever driven me to despair. TT: It may surprise you to learn they are not C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald. No, those men are as far above me in the writing realm as I am above a real turtle. I may kneel at their feet and marvel, but I do not […]

New Author Series: Star of Justice

I’ve really enjoyed doing these featurettes on unpublished authors, if for nothing else but to really get to know the vast array of personalities found in the literary arts.  Most are quirky and eccentric to a point.  Some are shy and some are confident.  I have been following Robynn Tolbert’s blog for a little while, […]