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A Survey of…Elementals

This is one of those “play with me” Facebook Notes-“tag” Friends thingys. At least it doesn’t try to force you to answer in 15 minutes. I needed some post inspiration and some WIP procrastination, so I latched onto it. Now you must suffer, too! I’ve left all the questions in case you want to play […]

Edits * Rewrites * Murder

Those closest to me know I will not be signed and published with Marcher Lord Press. Before there is any sympathy, let me say don’t feel sorry for me. I was blessed to have the nicest rejection letter under the sun. Jeff Gerke is the leading publisher of Christian Speculative fiction and one of the […]

cRiSiS management

cRiSiS management

Note – A continual flow of emergencies is sufficient to continue the flow of emergencies. Or, in other words: A continual flow of blood is sufficient to continue the flow of blood. To say this week has been unexpectedly chaotic would be giving myself too much credit. “Expect” has nothing to do with my methods. […]