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The sanctity of all life.

Earlier today, Ren Black posted a blog entry and it got me remembering the past few months. She talked about the sanctitiy of life, and I don’t just mean the unborn babies. That issue never even came up in her entry. I am in full agreement that no matter what life it may be that […]

A Social Network acting like Nazis and the KGB.

We go online and find the world at our fingertips. Friends we haven’t seen in years we’re suddenly chatting with as if we had never parted, new friends we’ve not met in person at all that we suddenly have deep feelings for emerge from the ether of the massive Internet. Social Networks help in this, […]

My problem with most Christian Fiction.

As most of you that read me are aware, I am a believer in Jesus (Yeshua in the English spelling of the original Hebrew pronunciation) as my Saviour. As such, I do have a leaning toward supporting any good material out there that demonstrates a proclivity toward supporting the Faith and our values. The problem […]

So many ideas….how to know which one is the bestseller?

Writing is the task that we have to do if we ever intend to be published. I’ve talked with many authors that want to be published and I’ve listened to the ones that are published and are “known”. Ideas are a dime a dozen and published writers that are out there being bought and read […]

Writing in a new version of Word.

Recently, my trial version of Microsoft Office 2007 expired. For a couple of days there I couldn’t type or save or anything. When I was on the phone with Microsoft, they were wanting me to pay almost $150 to install the full version. I remembered that even at Wal-Mart where I had purchased it from, […]

Total update and reintroduction for David James and Beyond the Charts.

Okay, okay, okay!! So we got a unique situation with this blog entry here. It’s being posted in more than one location. For over a year now I’ve taken the time to get used to MySpace and had been using the blog I have with MySpace to promote Beyond the Charts. The entries have at […]