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Perchance to Dream

About two years ago I went through a rough period of insomnia that lasted about a year. I’m over it now but at the time it was pretty tough. On a good night I would get five hours. Many nights I would get no sleep at all, sitting up reading or playing games on my […]

The Savage Sevenths

This month I was going to pen something about writing but, to be honest, I’m all inked-out when it comes to the subject. Currently I’m in my comfort zone, doing what I enjoy most, which is shameless, ears-pinned-back, plain old novel-scribbling. So what to blog about? How about something that couldn’t possibly have anything to […]

My Mild Review Dilemma

One of the joys of eating cheesecake and swilling tea up here in the NAF granny flat is that you get to tell of life on the other side of the publishing coin. As Keven pointed out in a recent post, being published may not be what you expect and it is our job to […]

Behind the Words With Bill Myers

Today I’m happy to introduce Behind the Words. I know all of you are fond of the zany tomfoolery of past interviews, but sometimes I must be a big girl. Sometimes the story and the writer warrant a deeper understanding. And who better to start me off than a legend in Christian writing, Bill Myers. […]

Anvil Review- The God Hater by Bill Myers

Welcome, friends. It’s that time again. As always, there will be a drawing for two copies. All you must do to enter is leave a comment saying you want to enter. That is one entry, and that is all you need to win. But if you are the type that likes to stack the odds […]

Anvil Interview- Grace Bridges

The contest has been extended until the end of April. Welcome and thank you all for coming back for today’s Anvil Interview with the muti-talented, Grace Bridges. Some of you may not know this, but Grace actually gave me my anvil. Silly thing had no idea it would someday be used on her. She never […]

Anvil Review- Legendary Space Pilgrims

Contest has been extended until the end of April. Yes, I know it’s been forever since I’ve wielded my anvil. As a matter of fact, I had to get the scrub brush out and give the old gal a little elbow-grease action. Please forgive me, dear friends. I’ll try harder from now on. I am […]

Obedience and Sacrifice

In my last post I discussed the tendency for some people to get upset at the merest suggestion of a Christian world-view within a novel that is not obviously Christian from looking at the title and/or cover. In my enthusiasm for stories that contain Christian content (it’s what I feel called to write) I fear […]