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Anvil Review- War of Attrition by Frank Creed

This week I am honored to bring to all of you fabulous readers my review of War of Attrition by Frank Creed. Have you heard of it? Where the heck have you been? It is book 2 in Frank’s Underground series. Book 1 won 2006 ELFIE Best Sci-Fi Novel. As always, Peyton will draw two […]

Anvil Review-Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges

As I said yesterday, I will give you my review of Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges. But before I do that, let me run through the rules for entry once more. As always, there will be a drawing. But there will be only one winner. I love Splashdown Books so much that I have decided […]

Anvil Review – The Muse by Fred Warren

Yes, I know it has only been two weeks since my last Anvil Review and yes, I know it is Thanksgiving. This is worth it though. I had the privilege to read the truly excellent The Muse by Fred Warren. Fred was brave enough to come under the anvil of one CrazyHair-Vaulter. As always, there […]

Anvil Interview- Sandfly and HardCandy

Welcome back today for the much anticipated interview with HardCandy and Sandfly. In order to bring you this feed, I had to be altered to receive. What do I mean by that? Teardrop implant. Had a hard time getting through my crazy hair. The normal gel used to remove it didn’t work. Ended up shaving […]

Anvil Review – The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz

This week I am very excited to present to you my review of The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz. As many of you know, Kerry is with Marcher Lord Press. I think I have mentioned this a thousand times before. They recently had a face-lift of their site. <PLUG> Click the name above to link […]

Anvil Review – Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider

This week I am excited to present my Anvil Review of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C Maze. Just as last time I will do my review, interview and the lovely giveaway. From now on I will give all of my reviews an anvil rating from 1 to 5 anvils. The best rating is […]