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Our Books, Our Babies

We writers often call our books our “babies” and when we create them and get them out in the world we liken it to giving birth. I’ve even likened landing a publishing deal to getting pregnant when you and a friend are both vying for that goal. When one succeeds and the other has yet […]

The Physics of Book Marketing

I have a Biology degree, so I tend to look at things scientifically. I was thinking about book marketing the other day, and how it relates to Newton’s Laws of Motion. Newton’s first law says essentially that an object in motion stays in motion, and an object at rest stays at rest, unless an external […]

Con-demented Analogy

Con-dement / condiment….get it? OK, I apologize for the title. But not the post. Hopefully, you’ll find my analogy clever. If not, quietly roll your eyes or snicker, but don’t disturb the rest of us trying to have fun ;). Writing is like pouring ketchup.

The Medieval World of Writing

Up until a year ago, I had only dabbled in the world of authors.  They intimidated me, and so I stayed in my cozy hovel minding my own business and dreaming of the day I could go out and stand with the rest.  Eventually I stuck my head out and found it not quite as […]