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Magic Realism?

Magic Realism?

It’s been two years-and-a-bit since Alpha Redemption hit the shelves. I still haven’t fully recovered from the shock, which might explain why the sequel has taken so long. Although, in my defence, I did finish Hanzet in the meantime so I reckon that’s a good excuse. One thing I discovered while writing the sequel is […]

Speed of Light

Speed of Light

Now that I’m between edits I’m feeling a little bit lost. I like the exhilaration and anticipation that comes with finishing a manuscript. The story I set out to write so long ago is finally down and now I can put it aside for a while before tackling the next batch of edits. So what […]

My Mild Review Dilemma

One of the joys of eating cheesecake and swilling tea up here in the NAF granny flat is that you get to tell of life on the other side of the publishing coin. As Keven pointed out in a recent post, being published may not be what you expect and it is our job to […]

Splashdown + NAF = Cheesecake

A special note from Grace Bridges(aka Kiwi astronaut) . You may have noticed a trend among NAF authors to end up with Splashdown Books as their publisher. Perhaps you thought it was slightly odd. As indeed it could seem—one could very easily get to thinking it was an inside job, and wondering how much cheesecake […]

Moving forward…

It amazes how much life imitates art. It seems that the story of Winter coming to publication matches quite well with the personal story within the book. This book has always been an outcast, just like Winter is an outcast. Nobody has really understood it. There are readers who have loved it, but there have […]

Warning: May Contain Christian Content

It is just over five months since Alpha hit the virtual bookshelves of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other such emporia (yes, I had to look that up). During that period I must have checked for reviews on average about once every minute. Happily, and much to my surprise, the vast majority have been overwhelmingly […]

Year One at NAF

With this little post our blog began.   JANUARY 15, 2010 This is our official birthday, even though you’ll find a few posts dated prior to this.  That’s because when we started, several of us moved and back-dated posts from other locations. So we missed our anniversary last month.  But now I wanted to give you […]

An Unexpected Thumbscrew Review

I feel a bit like Anton Ego from Ratatouille. Food was his life. And after many years of enjoying food, he developed a refined pallet for only the best. But there was so much bad food out there, that he couldn’t help but become cynical and over critical with each new review. Although my opinions […]