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This Is Who I Am!

I like books where the protagonist changes. I prefer books where he changes for the better, but I’ve read books where he changes for the worse. Once upon a time, Keven Newsome wrote a post about the Hero’s Journey. He revisited the concept in this post where he applied it to various movies, but the […]

Review ~ A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz

The world of Christian publishing has been knocked for a loop by a few indie publishers. At the front of the line and leading the charge is Jeff Gerke with Marcher Lord Press. Nearly every book his company has released has been at least nominated for some major awards. I am honored this week to […]

New Author Series: Star of Justice

I’ve really enjoyed doing these featurettes on unpublished authors, if for nothing else but to really get to know the vast array of personalities found in the literary arts.  Most are quirky and eccentric to a point.  Some are shy and some are confident.  I have been following Robynn Tolbert’s blog for a little while, […]