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A Writer’s Christmas Dream

A Writer’s Christmas Dream

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a writer was typing, ignoring their spouse Sticky notes were hung on the desktop with care For future ideas that will make readers stare . The characters were nestled all snug in their bed In hopes the next chapter won’t find them dead As […]

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

Have you heard anything yet? When I get to hang out with my fellow writers, this is usually one of the first questions I ask or they ask. Normals (non-writers) phrase it a little differently. “So when is your book coming out?” If only it was that simple 🙂 When I started querying magazines with […]

Kick Butt Elevator Pitch: The most important three lines you will ever write

Kick Butt Elevator Pitch: The most important three lines you will ever write

Guest blogger: Heather Burch So, what’s your book about? You may be asked this by an agent, and editor, a reader, a TV host, a book reviewer, your aunt Betty, a movie producer, a publisher, a reporter, a major magazine … I have been asked “What’s your book about” by all of the above. That’s […]

Even the best agents can disagree about submissions

A recent conference experience reinforced for me just how subjective this crazy business of ours really is. At the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in September, I pitched my novel, Alara’s Call, to two agents. I won’t name any names. (I won’t even reveal any genders, so if the singular “they” still grates on your […]

Questions? I’ve Got Answers: From A Writer Who Is A Christian

A few days a go I was asked a few questions. It wasn’t for an interview but merely a writer who is a Christian seeking answers to questions about some of my experiences in traditional publishing. I share them here because I feel, in fact I’m more than sure more than a handful of writers […]

Treading Softly

Christian publishing is a small world. As big and daunting as it may seem to those of us trying to work our way into the right circles from what sometimes seems like an impervious edge, the more I observe those running the show at various publishers, big and small, the more it grows clear to […]

Preparing for a writers conference

After nitpicking and tweaking and printing two sets of hard-copy proofs, I finally sent my printer the files for my new advertising cards. OK, actually they are my first-ever advertising cards. They will get stuffed into 350 bags at the Florida Writers Association conference next week, and I will consider myself lucky if I get […]

The Never Ending Roller Coaster

I feel like such a roller coaster.  I don’t mean that I feel like a rider, I feel like the actual car.  It’s like I’m a part of this thing now and I have no choice but to go through the motions of the ride over and over again.  At least if you’re a rider […]