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The Treasure of Banshee Isle

The Treasure of Banshee Isle

So, as I mentioned last week, I had a hard time coming up with a project for NaNoWriMo. I missed about a day and a half simply because I couldn’t decide what I was working on. That was followed by what has been one of the busiest, most stressful weeks of my existence, due to […]

Renegade Project #28 End Game

You steady your aim and throw your knife. The man holding Selyna tries to duck, but the knife grazes his upper arm. He yelps and jerks back. His grip slackens on the knife at her throat. Drawing your sword, you charge. The man’s eyes widen and he struggles to keep the woman between you and […]

Renegade Project #27: Snipers

You lean near to the Prince and whisper, “If you have a nimble archer, now is the time to use him. Let’s talk with them, but I wouldn’t promise much and trust nothing.” The Prince nods. You turn back to Malor. “You must realize that releasing criminals is rather frowned upon. They only let me […]

Renegade Project #26: Negotiations

And so with Gallino properly bound, gagged and strapped to his saddle, you make a last check of the ropes – sturdy and secure. Meanwhile, his sword and poison dust pouch have been relocated to your horse, with assurances to the guards that you will hand them both over once Gallino is finally in thick […]

Renegade Project 13: Report and Schemes

Thankfully, the rest of your nap passes without any further interruptions. When you knock on Galen’s door just before lunch time you are calm, ready and confident, albeit still a little unsure of exactly how much and what to reveal. Your plan is to start with the urgent issues that need action and reveal more […]


About two and half years ago, we rented the movie “RV” starring Robin Williams. Despite the portrayal of RV-ing, complete with crashes, obnoxious camping neighbors, and a sewage fountain, I soon found my husband shopping online for travel trailers. Amazingly, it wasn’t long before Jeff had me convinced to buy one. Seriously, this was an […]

Review & Give-away: Hero, 2nd Class!

(Yep, you heard right, Ren is doing a Book give-away! Details below!) I stumbled upon Marcher Lord Press even before they released their first line-up and happily signed up for the newsletter. From the moment I saw the title and cover art for Hero, Second Class, I was interested. After reading the sample and blurb, […]

Renegade Project 4: Life by the Sword

“As a child, my earliest memories were of a lone child in the streets of a small town.  There was a monastery in the town and one of the monks took pity on me.  He brought me into the monastery to educate in hopes of giving me a brighter future.” “Then may I ask how […]