Mauricio Hance


My wife enjoys watching a television program that is more like a documentary called “Gangland”.  This program focuses on some of the most notorious gangs that are in, or have influence in the United States.  If you look beyond the violence and immorality that gangs are so popular for you see something quite interesting.  These people […]

A Walk With The King

I have recently started taking a late evening on a regular basis.  Not for exercise, but to just stroll around campus and talk to God.  With the recent stress in my life it has proven to be very therapeutic.  This evening as I was walking I began to think about how cool it would have […]


For a while now I have thought of myself to be a representative of Christ here on Earth.  Today as I was reading in the book of Matthew I couldn’t help but feel convicted about that.  I feel as if I have misrepresented Christ.  See, I am struggling with this claim I have made of […]

To Blog Or Not To Blog

It has been brought to my attention that it has been a month since I have posted a blog.  I knew that I hadn’t written in a while, and must admit that is was intentional.  It hasn’t been because I haven’t had anything to write about, God knows that I could write one a day; […]

The All Mighty Dollar

This might sound a little strange to you, but I hate money.  I know, the fact that I do makes me kind of weird.  When I say things like that to people they look at me kind of strange.  The reality is though, that money to me is nothing but trouble. It is the one […]

Double Impact

I can’t remember the name of the movie, I think it is Traffic, but either way the title isn’t important.  The point for me even bringing that up is that it the movie displays the impact that things we do has on other parts of life that we do not even think about.  It is […]

The Reality of Perception

I was so excited about a month ago when I got my new job.  I am no longer sitting in that glass box in front of campus as a security guard early in the a.m., but now I am a gymnastics coach.  I just can’t seem to get enough of coaching, because it is my […]

When I Grow Up…

Sunday morning I had a great opportunity to team teach a Bible study with a group of guys averaging the age of 17.  The interesting thing about this group of guys, is that they have all recently gotten out of jail, in fact some of them still have ankle bracelet on.  I was so amazed […]