Kat Heckenbach

The Hate Pit

There is an event I’ll be attending in a few weeks. A convention I’ve been to twice now. The Necronomicon. From the name you can see it’s one of “those” conventions. The kind of place you’ll find people playing “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” and singing along to Dr. Horrible. The kind of place where […]

Go Ahead and Gush

What do you think of when I say “gushing fan”? Sweating / stuttering / babbling / shaky hands as someone asks for an autograph from their favorite celeb? Teary-eyed tween-agers squealing and fainting at the mention of Justin Bieber’s name? Is it something you equate with embarrassing behavior? I received an email from a teen […]


Some time ago (a year? two? oy, the memory fades when you hit forty) a friend of mine made a comment to me that—despite my age—I will never forget. She told me I didn’t “posture” myself like a writer. It hit me a like a sledgehammer (or maybe an anvil) and I’ve contemplated that statement […]

Up, Up…but Not Away

Today is August 30th. Which means that next Tuesday—my regularly scheduled “Featured Author” day here at NAF—is September 6th. In case you didn’t know, September 6th falls after September 1st. And September 1st is the day my novel, Finding Angel, officially releases. Which means… I won’t be posting in my regularly scheduled “Featured Author” spot […]

Yes, We Can (and Should) Write Sci-Fi

A friend of mine once said, “Tell an atheist you’re a Christian, and add to it that you’re from the south, and in their eyes your IQ immediately drops 10 points.” I actually have plenty of atheist friends who are respectful of my faith and see me as nothing less than intelligent. But I’ve also […]

Flickers in the Dark

People often ask why God lets bad things happen. To be honest, when I look around at this fallen world, I am amazed to see beauty and hope amongst the chaos. Oddly, it is that which makes me believe more strongly in Him. This weekend my family took a camping trip. As usual, we started […]

Our Books, Our Babies

We writers often call our books our “babies” and when we create them and get them out in the world we liken it to giving birth. I’ve even likened landing a publishing deal to getting pregnant when you and a friend are both vying for that goal. When one succeeds and the other has yet […]

Helping the Tech-Challenged (and why teens rock)

I spoke at a local writers meeting a few nights ago about “Online Marketing and Promotion.” It was really more about giving yourself an online presence, and I discussed things like blogging and social networking. To say the least, I was met by quite a few blank stares. You see, I’m 41 and most of […]