About Our Members

Here at NAF, you’ll find three classifications of our members.

Featured Authors

NAF maintains seven featured authors.  These are unpublished* authors with a complete manuscript who are building a blogging and branding platform, and who are actively seeking representation and/or publication for their novels.  Featured Authors strive to blog once a week.


NAF Alumni are Featured Authors who have paid their dues and have broken through the glass ceiling of publication for their novel.  We congratulate them and continue to support them.  They are always welcome at NAF to share with us their experiences of being a published author.  Being an Alumni is a privileged title, and as such only a Featured Author who has successfully gained a royalty generating contract for a novel can qualify.  Alumni blog when they want to.


NAF Contributors is an open designation for people who may not fulfill our guidelines to be Featured Authors or Alumni.  These are people that we’ve invited to share with us for a certain term length.  Published and unpublished alike may spend time as a Contributor.  We maintain more or less three Contributors at a time.  Contributors blog about once a month.

Becoming a Member

From time to time we have a Featured Author or Contributor spot open up.  If you think you meet the qualifications to join us and would like to become one of our members, please send an email to nafblog.info@gmail.com.  Your name will be marked to be one of the first contacted when a spot opens.  This does not guarantee membership, but will ensure that your name is included with the candidates.

* We define published as: 1) Having had a royalty generating contract, past or present, excluding participation in a 3rd party short story anthology (see #4), 2) Having been employed as a staff writer for more than six months collectively within the past ten years, 3) Having self-published by obtaining a unique ISBN for a book of fiction or non-fiction of any size, that is currently available to the public, or 4) Having more than 50 individual small publication credits or more than 100k words in small publication credits prior to joining NAF. NAF members will be allowed to continue to pursue small publication credits above this limitation. Upon reaching 100 individual credits or 200k words in credits, NAF members will be considered published.

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