Movie Review – Ready Player One

Ready Player One - movie poster

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Our family doesn’t go to the movies very often. We took our daughter and several of her friends to see A Wrinkle in Time for her tenth birthday party. Before that, we only saw 1 or 2 movies in the theater in the past year.

We all decided to see Ready Player One. Good choice. It’s a good family movie. There’s no sex or even innuendo (which there was quite a bit of the latter in the book). There is some swearing including a single F-bomb. The violence is mostly non-bloody virtual violence. It’s more chase scenes than anything. The movie is intense, so not for younger kids or really sensitive ones.

What I loved about the movie was how Steven Spielberg adapted the book to the movie. I recently listened to the audiobook, loved it, and reviewed it here. But dare I say it? I think I liked the movie better. Don’t get me wrong, Wil Wheaton narrating this book is sheer awesomeness, and if you’re going to do both, read the book first.

That said, I absolutely LOVED this movie. It was non-stop action, good character development, and the changes from the book improved the story.

It’s rare for a movie to be better than a book. What are some movies that you think are better than the book? [I asked this question on Facebook a few months ago and the post blew up.]

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3 comments on “Movie Review – Ready Player One

  1. Thank you, Gretchen. I’m always looking for a good movie review.

  2. Blade Runner was so much better than the book—there’s no comparison.

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