The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness – Champion Round

A heavy fog had settled over the towering walls of Minas Tirith. The King paced along a walkway. Anduril was fastened at his side. His ranger senses were on alert. The vast white city towered over the plains, a view now shrouded in an unnatural mist. He couldn’t quite make out the shape, but something was moving along the city’s walls. Climbing straight toward the Tower of Ecthelion, toward the riches that would cause a to Dwarf weep.

Vin smirked as she watched the old man in the tower. Her Tin-enhanced vision picked out the worry in his eyes. He wouldn’t catch her. She doubted if he could even see her. She leaped off a stone wall, tossing a coin to the dirt-packed street below. She Pushed and flew through the air, mist swirled around her as she landed at a thousand-foot, sheer faced wall. She could feel the pulse of a well of power in the citadel high above. Footsteps padded on the cobblestone street behind her. A figure in glimmering approached holding a long, broadsword. Aragorn: King of the Realm of Man. Vin poured a vial of Duralumin into her mouth and flared her metals. She didn’t fear kings. She was a god.

Here we are, nearing the conclusion of our Tournament. I’m beyond impressed by the number of people who have come out to vote for their favorites. We’ve had almost 300 votes over the course of this wild contest.

Thank you to all who voted, commented,  and shared.

It all comes down to this:

The Final Countdown

When I started to list out my favorites across the speculative fiction spectrum, I tried to cover every possible outcome. Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings. Alien vs The Tick. SG1 vs Doctor Who. I never thought we’d come down to a Sanderson vs. Sanderson fight. I’m not sure how I’m going to write this fight scene. I’m sorry to those who have not read these books, but I’m going to have to include spoilers. I’ll try to keep them to the first books in their respective series.

As a surge-binder, Kaladin can draw Stormlight into himself which gives him the ability to essentially fly, changing his gravity at whim. He’s also a skilled spearman and has commanded the front lines of many battles.

As a Mistborn, Vin has mastery over all Allomancy. She can fly, push and pull metallic objects, see with incredible detail, and potentially even see the future. She’s also incredibly street smart.

The Deciding factor

If I were to face these two off, the fight would probably come down to who ran out what first. Both magic systems are dependent on a reagent to work. Kaladin needs Stormlight. Vin needs metals.

I’m glad I’m not the one making this final decision. It is up to you! Vote now! Bring in your friends! Your mom! Your grandma! These two books series have an incredible fanbase. A VERY opinionated, devote fanbase. Pitting these two against each other is likely going to cause me to lose some friendships (not really), but man! This is going to be an epic showdown!

I’m changing the rules for voting on this round. You can vote once per day. And you can’t see the results. #sorrynotsorry

Come back daily to vote if you want to see your champion win!

Let me know in the comments if you think I’m an evil villain for pitting these two against each other. Have you read Mistborn or the Stormlight archive? What do you think are the strengths/weaknesses of these two fighters? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Championship round:

Kaladin Stormblessed vs Vin the Mistborn

3 comments on “The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness – Champion Round

  1. This is such a tough choice. I’m going to be Team Vin. I think I prefer the Stormlight Archives over the Mistborn series.
    Vin is strong and clever, fierce and complex. She can mix in high society but is Skaa and loves her people. She’s managed to slay most of her inner demons. Kaladin isn’t there yet. I love how he leads Bridge Four but he’s still the downtrodden kid. If he gains command somewhere other than the battlefield, he could earn my vote.

    • I didn’t clarify. Overall I prefer the Stormlight Archives but Vin gets my hero vote over Kaladin. I separated the first Mistborn from the Wax and Wayne books. I adore Wax and Wayne but those stories are steampunk westerns/mysteries not epic fantasy.

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