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The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness – Final Four

The brown robe swirled as the Jedi kicked his armored foe. A blue glow slashed the air. The dark-haired man dodged back, his feet sure on the rocky ground. The Jedi flipped through the air, his lightsaber sparking against the bright silver sword. The king without a crown raised his broken blade and spoke: “Looks like I have the high ground.”

With a strong finish for all our speculative heroes: The Final Four have been chosen. Did you choice make the cut?

This leaderboard changed a few times over these past seven days. Thank you to everyone who voted! We had some more upsets, close calls, and another blowout. The results are in!

The victors

Kaladin Stormblessed wins over SG1’s Samantha Carter.

The timey-wimey River Song crushes the taxi driver Korben Dallas.

The Returned King Aragorn has triumphed over Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.

Vin the thief swept over the big blue Tick.

Final Four

We’re just two rounds from knowing who our Champion will be. Will River Song continue to exterminate? Can a Ranger beat a Mistborn? Only you can decide!

Vote below for who you think deserves to be the Champion. Let me know in the comments who you voted for. Take the time to write a short fan-fiction of the fight. Let me know how River would fight a man who can soar through the skies! How would a Mistborn fight a Ranger? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Let the Champion be chosen!

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