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Review: Resistance


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This is the second of my two-part review of Amy Brock McNew’s shorter companion works in the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles. While last week I reviewed Reformation, which is only available by subscribing to Amy’s websiteResistance is available through more traditional means like online booksellers. Resistance is a novella that follows roughly the same timeline as her full-length novel, Reconciliation. Rebirth and Reconciliation are centered around Liz and Ryland as is ReformationResistance focuses on Nate, Ryland’s younger rebellious brother.

Resistance focuses on Nathan, Ryland’s younger, rebellious brother. Nate struggles with being bipolar but is good about taking medication to control it, the one thing he’s doing right. In other areas of his life, his track record isn’t so stellar. Nate deals with inner demons worse than Kade, the demon bent on destroying the reluctant warriors and their angelic guardians. An addict who’s better at scoring his next fix than staying clean, Nate is equally skilled at using women and discarding them like a dirty needle.

Ilona, the Czech woman whom Liz calls “ninja Barbie” in Reconciliation catches Nate’s eye. She’s as broken as she is beautiful and damaged in a way that makes her even more unattainable to a man like Nate. Ryland is skeptical of Nate’s changes and protects Ilona against his bad boy younger brother that leads to more than one argument and scuffle.

But the brothers band together when Kade once again threatens the team. If you’ve read Reconciliation, you see the story unfold from Ilona and Nate’s POV. If you haven’t read it, do you really think I’m going to spoil it?

Amy once again swings and hits a home run. I love these characters for all of their flaws. Their scars only add to their natural beauty. I felt like the overlapping plots were an asset. I often found myself thinking, “so that’s what happened.” I’m not big on re-reading books (there are so many good books out there), but I’d love to read Reconciliation and Resistance together chapter-by-chapter because I think that would be a whole lot of fun!

One thing I loved was that Amy included links to organizations that help stop human trafficking. It’s a scourge around the world and is something that needs to be stopped. This story focuses on this issue, and it’s great that she provides resources for the reader to help fight this battle.

What is your favorite companion novella or short story and why?

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