Round Two – The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness

Willow raised his tiny hand, revealing a small acorn. A knowing smile spread across his face as the girl in the gray cloak floated high into the swirling mists. A coin plinked on the ground nearby, but a seasoned sorcerer such as Willow Ufgood could not be so easily distracted. Vin’s mistcloak swirled through the air as she plummeted toward the Nelwin hero…

The fights were fierce. Each combatant put on a good show. But, alas, the dust has settled and round one of The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness has ended. Did your champion make the cut? Or have they fallen on the field of battle?

Check out the results, and vote below.

The Victors

The SG-1 veteran beat the rogue with luck.

The Honored Slave crushed the champion of the Matrix.

A time travelling villain overcame the young wizardling.

A taxi driver out-performed the travelling bard.

A Jedi Knight destroyed the Warrior Princess.

The true King finished off the mother of humanity’s survival.

The Mistborn overwhelmed the Nelwin.

The blue suited wonder smashed the warrant officer.


Epic Battles

I’ll be honest, I expected a few of these to go differently. I need some Whovians to tell me why River Song would beat Hermione. I’m guessing something timey wimey must have tipped the scales in River’s favor. As expected, Obi Wan and Aragorn absolutely destroyed their opponents, only to now face each other.

The only tie that needed an executive decision was Korben Dallas vs Kvothe. I had my wife pick the winner. Unfortunately, she has not read the Name of the Wind. However, she hates the Fifth Element and I’m surprised she sided with Mr. Willis.

So far, this has been a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see how these next face-offs turn out:

A space travelling Air Force commander faces down a spear-wielding *NO SPOILERS*.

Two characters who have seen the future battle it out.

A Jedi Master vs the Leader of the Free Men.

The Mistborn tackles an invulnerable blue giant.


Round Two

Vote below for your favorite speculative character. Let me know in the comments below if your champion made the first cut.


See you next week!

4 comments on “Round Two – The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness

  1. Among the characters you have picked, I will vote for Obi Wan Kenobi over everyone else…FYI.

  2. As a Whovian and Potterhead, I think River won because she’s older and has more experience with physical violence. She made a Dalek beg for mercy, after all. I could easily see her teaching Hermoine, but if it came down to an actual duel, River would totally have the upper hand.

  3. Hmm, epic battle would be River Song and Samantha Carter.

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