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Review: Reclaiming Shilo Snow


Reclaiming Shilo Snow

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Mary Weber just released Reclaiming Shilo Snow, the sequel The Evaporation of Sofi Snow. One thing I loved about these books are that they’re a duology. It’s a trend I’m excited about. I’m becoming a bit weary of trilogies and extended series, especially ones that end abruptly so that basically, I’m committing to one book that’s really six books long. Duologies are perfect for books that are a bit long to be a standalone novel.

But onto the book itself. I liked The Evaporation of Sofi Snow and Reclaiming Shilo Snow for quite a few reasons. And this is going to be kind of a two-for-one review as they’re really one book. That said, I liked Shilo a bit better than Sofi, which I think had to do with getting to know the characters better and that the loose ends were tied up.

What I liked about this series:

  1. It featured competitive gaming – something fresh and new. Bonus – the camaraderie of Sofi and Shilo’s team
  2. The brother-sister bond of Sofi and Shilo was endearing
  3. Sofi had a past and a rather bad, although exaggerated reputation
  4. Miguel’s bad boy reputation and what he was really like
  5. That Sofi and Shilo weren’t “dirty orphans” but the offspring of a powerful woman
  6. Sofi and Shilo’s enigmatic mom. Another place where I liked Shilo better. We got to know CEO Enola a lot better. She’s a complex and often conflicted woman
  7. The all-too-real problem with human trafficking is brought to light and approached from multiple angles

I want to go deeper with a couple of these. First, Sofi and Miguel’s past and reputations. This is a young adult book and much can be learned from these two. Your reputation matters and you should guard it. More importantly, if you have a past you regret and a reputation you wish you could shed, don’t give up hope. Move forward and seek redemption. After that, live your new life. Damaged and tarnished can be repaired and shined. And if someone does have a “bad reputation” don’t write them off. It’s prudent to guard your heart but don’t be afraid. It’s entirely possible, their reputation has been exaggerated or it might not even be true.

One thing I love about Mary Weber from my interactions with her on social media and last year at Realm Makers is how she treats everyone with dignity and respect. I’m excited that she’s going to be the keynote speaker at Realm Makers 2018. You have registered, haven’t you?

What do you prefer? Standalones, duologies, trilogies, or series?

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