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Angel Eyes Audiobook Review

Angel Eyes

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I heard of Shannon Dittemore’s books a while ago but only recently discovered her young adult series, Angel Eyes.  I plowed through the first book, also titled Angel Eyes and went straight into the audiobook version of Broken Wings.

First, the story. I am picky when it comes to angel/demon/spiritual warfare stories, especially by Christian authors. Angel Eyes passes with flying colors. First, it’s not a supernatural romance. No starry eyed teen girl (or boy) locks lips with an angelic being. Demons are demonic. Angels are servants of God. Brielle and Jake, the teenage protagonists are simply kids with special talents. Brielle can see into the celestial and Jake can heal.

Second, the Christian message is solid, especially in the second book where it’s more prominent. That said, it is not preachy in the least. It is organic to the story and doesn’t happen too fast or too powerfully, but perfectly unwinds as does the story.

I’ve only listened to the first two books, which are both narrated by Cassandra Campbell. Cassandra does a fantastic job voicing Brielle, which is in first person. She also does a good job of narrating the other third person POVs, but Brielle is where she shines. Book 3, Dark Halo is narrated by Aimee Lilly. I may circle back and review this specific book at a later date, or fold it into another review.

Based on this book, I will read anything Shannon Dittemore writes and recommend them to other teens. I’ll also keep my eyes open for other books narrated by Cassandra Campbell.

Do you like books about angels, demons, and/or spiritual warfare?

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