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Review: The Ghost Box Audiobook

The Ghost Box

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I’m going to start reviewing audiobooks and shorter fiction. We’re busy, and these are good ways to enjoy great fiction. I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. Nothing makes a long drive or laundry more enjoyable than listening to a good book.

I recently reviewed the novella Just Dumb Enough by several Realm Makers, which benefits the Realm Makers mobile bookstore and scholarship fund.

I’m starting my audiobook reviews with Mike Duran’s The Ghost Box. It’s the first of his Reagan Moon paranormal mystery series.

I’d already read The Ghost Box but bought a copy of the Audible version. Randy Streu does a great job voicing Reagan Moon as well as adding great inflections for other characters.

The female voices are distinct and not too exaggerated. The same goes for the accents of foreign characters. A well-casted main character is essential and good voicing of the remainder of the cast makes for a solid audiobook.

Of course you have to have a good story, or it doesn’t matter. Unless you’re Jim Dale (narrator of the Harry Potter series), the book needs to be solid. Jim Dale could make the ingredients list of a Hostess Twinkie engaging.

In the case of The Ghost Box, Mike Duran’s solid story and Randy’s talent make for a good combination. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book.

Reagan Moon is a fun character. He’s a reporter for a paranormal tabloid.  He’s the guy who writes stories like “Alien Gives Birth to Elvis’s Baby.” And he’s a skeptic, at least until he encounters a mystery that can’t be explained.

If you’re a fan of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden, PI and wizard for hire, you’ll love Mike Duran’s Reagan Moon.

Not that the series is written from a Christian worldview, but it isn’t sanitized bonnet fiction. There’s some swearing and supernatural, even occult subject matter. While it’s not glorified, this book is not for sensitive readers. Nor is it meant to be. It’s meant for people who enjoy gritty reads.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If so, why do you like them?

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