When I went to the bookstore as a kid, I spent my time pouring over the shelves labeled “Fantasy” and “Science Fiction”. I’d see names like RA Salvatore, Robert Jordan, and Anne McCaffrey. I’m pretty sure I read every Star Wars book that my local library had in stock. And stay with me here, but not once did I walk over to peruse the “religion” or “Christian” sections. Honestly, there was nothing there that interested me. If it didn’t have elves, robots, magic, or time travel, I wasn’t going to read it.

And that’s a shame, because to find stories I loved, I had to wade through a bunch of filth. Where were the well written speculative stories that didn’t include excessive violence, unnecessary sex scenes, and tons of profanity?

When I was in high school, a friend and I challenged each other to come up with the story for an action movie with all the great elements – gun fights, fist fights, rooftop chases, world travel, I think we even had a boat chase – but the story needed to stand on the action and story alone. No foul language and no sex scenes. In a genre with movies like Bad Boys, The Fifth Element, and Predator, it was hard to find a movie with content that I was comfortable recommending to all of my friends.

There had to be somewhere that I could find speculative stories without wading through the proverbial “poop in the brownies”.

A little over six years ago, I read my first book published by Marcher Lord Press (now Gilead Publishing). This was the first time I’d ever read speculative fiction written from a Christian perspective. This didn’t mean each book had a salvation scene, or were preachy, in fact, most of them were well-written, clean fantasy or science fiction stories. Continuing on from Marcher Lord, I found Realm Makers, and was introduced to a vast wealth of Christian speculative fiction.

I found that I was not alone in my search. There are tons of other writers, readers, and fans of Christian speculative fiction. I found my tribe.

Fantasy and Science Fiction are huge in pop culture: Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Ready Player One, anything Marvel. These speculative stories are shaping the minds of the next generation of geek. We need more stories like Failstate, A Time to Die, and Daughter of Light to meet the imaginative needs of young (and not-so-young) Christian. We as Christian authors need to represent the Creator, and His Truth in stories that take place across the stars, beyond a portal, or told alongside elves, dwarves, and dragons.

I’ve joined up with a group of like-minded authors, readers, and fans to bring awareness to how much love there is for Christian speculative fiction. Watch social media for posts using the hashtag #specficfaith as we showcase the need for more of this genre. If you use twitter, or Instagram, or want to write something on a whiteboard at school, our prime posting time will be tonight at 7:00pm.

Share about a Christian SpecFic book that you love. Tweet out about an author who God used their story to touch your heart. Grab the snazzy picture below and let the world know! Hashtag about your favorite genre! Do you prefer the barren #postapocalyptic or lush planets of #sciencefiction?

We serve an imaginative God who created a wondrous world for us to live in. With all the junk that’s in Hollywood, and pop-culture, couldn’t we all use a little more #SpecFicFaith?

4 comments on “#SpecFicFaith

  1. Amen! Glad to be a warrior on the battlefield with you, chap!

  2. Although this isn’t my primary genre, I’m thrilled to see people like you stepping forth to represent it. On to Narnia!!! (That’s about as Spec as I get. But, I love it.)

  3. When I began to write my first novel “The Omega Watchers” in 2013 I did not know the genre of Speculative Christian Fiction even existed. I wrote from the perspective of my prophetic studies and intertwined the deceptions of the paranormal world into the story. After Peter Younghusband reviewed my book, I realized the Holy Spirit was speaking to many authors to unveil the Satanic deceptions in entertaining stories that could reach readers of all ages. I pray the books continue to be published and reach millions!

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